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051201_marumari.mp340.901.08.24 20:43:35marumarilive @ the appliance of scienc2001unlockedgroovemay 12, 200111pm-12amlive @ the0:42:39128S44
Moe Berg - Pray For Heaven.mp3 2.901.12.04 03:22:17Moe BergPray For Heavenlive @ the Rivoli, July 14, 20000:03:01128S44
Tribe_of_Ben_-_T-Shirt_Tune.mp3 6.9Tribe of BenT-Shirt TuneLive @ The 8x10 01-05-000:07:17128S44
Eight_Days_A_Week.mp3 0.602.07.16 00:47:00Tony Alicea & Raymond FilesEight Days A Week1977Live @ The Crow's Nest. Dec 2Club was in Ridge, L0:02:48 32M22
051901_shalako.mp344.001.08.24 20:46:08shannon shalakolive @ the appliance of scienc2001unlockedgroovemay 19, 200112am-1amlive @ the c0:45:55128S44
Bella - 04 - Closely Observed Trains11.003.01.16 05:53:59BellaTrack 42002Live @ the Merucry 8-01, AG# 4B8F25900:11:28128S44
TPOH - Handsomest Man Prettiest Girl 3.302.06.10 13:00:24The Pursuit of HappinessHandsomest Man Prettiest Girllive@the Diamond, Dec. 19, 19880:03:27128S44
Spirit_Dream_live__the.mp3 3.903.08.05 16:14:58Hum - The SingerSpirit Dream (live @ the ex:chhumUK0:04:04128S44
Cutout_Hero_-_Cutout_Hero_-_It_s_not 4.4Cutout HeroCutout Hero - It's not rightLive @ The New Roscoe0:04:41128S44
Tribe_of_Ben_-_T-Shirt_Tune.mp3 6.9Tribe of BenT-Shirt TuneLive @ The 8x10 01-05-000:07:17128S44
TPOH - Food.mp3 00:03:19The Pursuit of HappinessFoodlive @ the Bombshelter, Jan. 25,0:02:22128S44
091501_fluid.mp358.001.11.12 20:06:35jason fluidlive @ the appliance of scienc2001unlockedgrooveseptember 15, 200111pm-12amlive1:00:30128S44
063001_alro.mp346.001.07.12 16:30:54alrolive @ the appliance of scienc2001unlockedgroovejune 30, 200112am-1amlive @ the0:47:55128S44
081801_casey_keenan.mp353.401.08.24 20:53:59casey keenanlive @ the appliance of scienc2001unlockedgrooveaugust 18, 200111pm-12amlive @ t0:55:38128S44
ThompsonTwins.mp3?SID=21800e0c2a7428 3.699.06.23 01:00:26FollyThompson Twins1999Live @ The Fonebooth 3/21/990:03:01160S44
Puppetshow_-_denied_(live).mp3 0.999.12.17 18:41:37Puppet ShowDenied1999, the ladle, Mid0:02:46 48M32
Moe Berg - Angelique Is A Free Spiri 3.901.12.04 03:23:48Moe BergAngelique Is a Free Spiritlive @ the Rivoli, July 14, 20000:04:08128S44
Friends_live.mp3 3.802.06.10 21:01:59Mark Watson BandFriends Again LiveLive @ The Lyons Den0:04:02128S44
Moe Berg - I'm An Adult Now.mp3 3.401.12.04 03:21:16Moe BergI'm An Adult Nowlive @ the Rivoli, July 14, 20000:03:35128S44
Mic The Prick.mp3?SID=ec3e6e9799dfcb 0.599.06.23 01:00:08FollyMick the Prick1999Live @ The Fonebooth 3/21/99Mick is a dick0:00:29160S44
Face_Tomorrow_-_Live_The_Dream.mp3 4.301.11.19 22:07:52Face TomorrowLive The Dream2000www.vitaminic.nl0:04:32128S44
TPOH - Beautiful White.mp3 11:50:11The Pursuit of HappinessBeautiful Whitelive@the Diamond, Dec. 19, 19880:03:09128S44
Moe Berg - I'm In Love With You.mp3 4.301.12.04 03:23:00Moe BergI'm In Love With Youlive @ the Rivoli, July 14, 20000:04:30128S44
090801_kapilow.mp356.301.09.20 04:11:30craig kapilowlive @ the appliance of scienc2001unlockedgrooveseptember 8, 200112am-1amlive @0:58:43128S44
Live The Live Full Version.mp3 6.303.01.23 12:15:55ppVoltronlife the live2000BOOM 040:06:39128M44
1.Strange Pleasure With Warren Hayne12.603.05.31 18:16:34Strange Pleasure w/ Warren HayneFull Time Teaser2002live @ the Alehouse Portland, MEwww.alienjournalism.
Zebraheadrequesthour.mp3 4.702.05.01 17:02:47zebraheadzebrahead request hour2000Live @ The 7th HousePontiac, Michigan 9.
Loman_-_Maybe_it's_Nothing_(live).mp 18:14:32LomanMaybe it's Nothing [Live]2001Live @ the Brewery 08-23-20010:04:10128S44
Moe Berg - Cold Metal.mp3 2.801.12.04 03:22:40Moe BergCold Metallive @ the Rivoli, July 14, 20000:02:58128S44
Teach_Your_Children.mp3 0.602.07.16 00:50:42Tony Alicea & Raymond FilesTeach Your Children1977Live @ The Crow's Nest. Dec 2Club was in Ridge, L0:02:38 32M22
Norwegian_Wood.mp3 0.502.07.16 00:49:23Tony Alicea & Raymond FilesNorwegian Wood1977Live @ The Crow's Nest. Dec 2Club was in Ridge, L0:02:12 32M22
Acou-gfyend.mp3 2.703.07.07 19:14:10Third Eye BlindGood For You (Acoustic)Live @ The EndVisit http://www.3eb0:03:50 96S44
Moe Berg - How Will I Find You In He 4.701.12.04 03:24:09Moe BergHow Will I Find You In Heavenlive @ the Rivoli, July 14, 20000:04:58128S44
100601_jamie.mp351.801.10.21 20:42:05jamie rollinslive @ the appliance of scienc2001unlockedgrooveoctober 6, 200110pm-11pmlive @ t0:54:00128S44
As_Tears_Go_By.mp3 0.602.07.16 00:45:30Tony Alicea & Raymond FilesAs Tears Go By1977Live @ The Crow's Nest. Dec 2Club was in Ridge, L0:02:38 32M22
110301_walker.mp355.301.11.27 20:43:12stewart walkerlive @ the appliance of scienc2001unlockedgroovenovember 3, 200112am-1amlive @ t0:57:40128S44
022302_laptopjam_1.mp370.702.04.02 21:46:40gys and keepalivelive @ the appliance of scienc2002unlockedgroove.comfebruary 23, 200210pm-11pmlive @1:13:40128S44
Moe Berg - Hate Engine.mp3 2.901.12.04 03:21:29Moe BergHate Enginelive @ the Rivoli, July 14, 20000:03:06128S44
Jason Upton - Who Will We Praise.mp3 1.302.03.15 20:12:14Jason UptonWho will we praise?Live The Call
091501_davidskye.mp353.701.09.19 04:03:36david skylive @ the appliance of scienc2001unlockedgrooveseptember 15, 200112am-1amlive @0:56:01128S44
TPOH - Consciousness Raising As A So 2.403.08.23 23:59:54The Pursuit of HappinessConsciousness Raising As a Soclive @ the Bombshelter, Jan. 25,0:02:33128S44
Puppetshow_-_no_strings_attached_(li 1.699.12.17 18:54:24Puppet ShowNo Strings Attached1999, the ladle, Mid0:04:31 48M32
LIVE - The Dolphins Cry.mp3 20:50:560:04:24128S44
020902_mennerich.mp336.902.04.02 21:59:58don mennerichlive @ the appliance of scienc2002unlockedgroovefebruary 09, 200212am-1amlive @0:38:29128S44
Youve_Got_To_Hide_Your_Love_Away.mp3 0.502.07.16 00:52:58Tony Alicea & Raymond FilesYou've Got To Hide Your Love A1977Live @ The Crow's Nest. Dec 2Club was in Ridge, L0:02:23 32M22
Gath23.mp3 0.502.09.20 20:54:56Live (The Gathering Concert SeVir UnisTrack 40:01:18 56S44
1promise-live The Life.mp3 17:07:56promiselive the life20010:01:03128S44
Blink 182 - Rare - Lucky.mp3 2.803.01.20 23:22:02Blink 182Lucky2001LIVE @ The Sad Cafe in NHhttp://blink182.ru0:02:57128S44
Blind.mp3 5.401.03.12 16:21:10Queen Bee & The Blue Hornet BaI'd Rather Go Blind2000Live @ The SaloonRecorded 2/14/000:05:42128S44
ChickenFingers.mp3 16:23:03Groove AfflictionChicken Fingers2003Live @ The Brewery 4.08.030:08:29128S44
051201_palmar.mp356.701.08.24 20:41:17palmar aspectlive @ the appliance of scienc2001unlockedgroovemay 12, 200112am-1amlive @ the c0:59:09128S44
Face_Tomorrow_-_Live_The_Dream.mp3 4.3Face TomorrowLive The Dream0:04:32128S44
Zebraheadgetbacklive.mp3 6.402.04.30 21:06:20zebraheadget back (live @7th house)2000Live @ The 7th HousePontiac, Michigan 9.16.2000
TPOH - Pressing Lips.mp3 01:06:22The Pursuit of HappinessPressing Lipslive @ the Bombshelter, Jan. 25,0:03:25128S44
G Band Free - Live @ The Elbow Room 3.503.07.06 19:37:48G Band FreePorque Te Vas2003Live @ the Elbow RoomRecorded Live May 24th0:02:59160S44
G Band Free - Live @ The Elbow Room 3.703.07.06 19:31:00G Band FreeRock Song2003Live @ the Elbow RoomRecorded Live May 24th0:03:07160S44
JssKns.mp3 07:15:34GenesisJesus He Knows Me0Live-The Way We Walk0:05:23128S44
IceAge(VelvetLive).mp3 6.803.10.20 22:20:04filigreeIce Age2002live @ The Velvet Room0:07:08128S44
2.Strange Pleasure With Warren Hayne10.203.05.31 18:28:10Strange Pleasure w/ Warren HayneRed House2002live @ the Alehouse Portland, MEalso featuring Greg Rzab on bass
072101_reflekt.mp355.801.07.25 20:06:16reflektlive @ the appliance of scienc2001unlockedgroovejuly 21, 200112am-1amlive @ the0:58:13128S44
G Band Free - Live @ The Elbow Room 0.703.07.06 19:34:10G Band FreeQUT Interlude2003Live @ the Elbow RoomRecorded Live May 24th0:00:36160S44
TPOH - Food.mp3 2.602.03.25 21:02:53The Pursuit of HappinessFoodlive@the Diamond, Dec. 19, 19880:02:45128S44
Catfish_medley.mp3 6.303.11.01 15:30:43Preacher Boy & jmCatfish Medley2003Live @ The Blue Lady Loungehttp://www.beatnikbeats.com0:06:38128S44
061601_keepalive.mp348.301.08.24 20:50:39keepalivelive @ the appliance of scienc2001unlockedgroovejune 16, 200111pm-12amlive @ the0:50:19128S44
011202_mark_flynn.mp359.602.04.02 21:56:06mark flynnlive @ the appliance of scienc2002unlockedgroovejanuary 12, 200212am-1amlive @ t1:02:08128S44
122901_smartypants_1.mp322.802.04.02 22:05:40smartypantslive @ the appliance of scienc2001unlockedgroovedecember 29, 200111pm-12amlive @0:23:46128S44
The_Brakes_-_High_in_the_Sky.mp310.002.12.08 07:35:21The BrakesHigh in the SkyLive @ the Trocadero 11-29-020:10:25128S44
TPOH - Cigarette Dangles.mp3 2.303.09.11 00:30:54The Pursuit of HappinessCigarette Dangleslive @ the Bombshelter, Jan. 25,0:02:27128S44
TPOH - Rock'n'Roll All Nite.mp3 01:28:36The Pursuit of HappinessRock And Roll All Nitelive @ the Bombshelter, Jan. 25,0:04:12128S44
081801_oshine.mp355.201.08.27 00:19:13oshinelive@ the appliance of science2001unlockedgrooveaugust 18, 200112am-1amlive @ th0:57:31128S44
TPOH - She's So Young.mp3 3.403.06.16 00:23:18The Pursuit of HappinessShe's So Younglive @ the Bombshelter, Jan. 25,0:03:37128S44
Ark.mp3 19:18:19Gr vis MaltArk2002live @ The Big Easy in Portlana brand new way to l0:04:16128S44
TPOH - Looking For Girls.mp3 2.402.05.27 12:12:35The Pursuit of HappinessLooking For Girlslive@the Diamond, Dec. 19, 19880:02:32128S44
111701_handcorkscrew.mp357.701.11.27 20:43:39dj hand corkscrewlive @ the appliance of scienc2001unlockedgroovenovember 17, 200112am-1amlive @1:00:07128S44
100601_giles.mp330.501.10.21 20:45:21giles dickersonlive @ the appliance of scienc2001unlockedgrooveoctober 6, 200112am-1amlive @ th0:31:50128S44
012602_blitter.mp352.402.04.02 21:43:37blitterlive @ the appliance of scienc2002unlockedgroovejanuary 26, 200212am-1amlive @ t0:54:36128S44
Moe Berg - She's So Young.mp3 2.601.12.04 03:21:53Moe BergShe's So Younglive @ the Rivoli, July 14, 20000:02:45128S44
TPOH - I'm An Adult Now.mp3 4.903.03.23 02:11:15The Pursuit of HappinessI'm An Adult Nowlive @ the Wireless, 19900:05:10128S44
060201_tube.mp346.501.08.24 20:47:23tubelive @ the appliance of scienc2001unlockedgroovemay 2, 200112am-1amlive @ the ce2:09:15 48S32
Isabelle(VelvetLive).mp3 4.403.10.20 22:28:30filigreeIsabelle2002live @ The Velvet Room0:04:35128S44
Brian_patneaude_jolo.mp3 16:24:05Brian Patneaude QuintetJoloLive @ The Larkin 10.28.01brian0:08:35128S44
Possibly Maybe.mp3 4.702.01.26 19:24:11Gr vis MaltPossibly Maybe (Bjork Cover)2002live @ The Big Easy in Portlanthis is nowhere now.0:04:58128S44
060901_heemin.mp341.901.08.24 20:48:44heemin yanglive @ the appliance of scienc2001unlockedgroovejune 9, 200111pm-12amlive @ the1:56:28 48S32
ThisFarDown(VelvetLive).mp3 23:05:59filigreeThis Far Down2002live @ The Velvet Room0:03:18128S44
Puppetshow_-_tomorrow_(live).mp3 1.499.12.17 18:35:02Puppet ShowTomorrow's my Favourite Day1999, the ladle, Mid0:04:00 48M32
TheBottom(VelvetLive).mp3 4.803.10.20 23:04:07filigreeThe Bottom2002live @ The Velvet Room0:05:00128S44
TPOH - When The Sky Comes Falling Do 2.902.04.01 12:46:34The Pursuit of HappinessWhen the Sky Comes Falling Dowlive@the Diamond, Dec. 19, 19880:03:06128S44
030202_djC.mp341.102.04.02 21:53:25dj clive @ the appliance of scienc2002unlockedgroovemarch 02, 200210pm-11pmlive @ th0:42:49128S44
G Band Free - Live @ The Elbow Room 5.603.07.06 19:36:23G Band FreeAll Alright2003Live @ the Elbow RoomRecorded Live May 24th0:04:40160S44
TPOH - Forbidden Fruit.mp3 2.802.04.22 11:47:24The Pursuit of HappinessForbidden Fruitlive@the Diamond, Dec. 19, 19880:03:00128S44
Comerightaway.mp3 3.302.05.15 18:54:50Wayne HealyTrack 102002Live @ The Beat Kitchen 4.18.02
TPOH - Incompletely Conspicuous.mp3 02:41:43The Pursuit of HappinessCompletely Conspicuouslive @ the Bombshelter, Jan. 25,0:03:11128S44
Zebraheadjagofflive.mp3 22:14:04zebraheadjag off (live @ 7th house)2000Live @ The 7th HousePontiac, Michigan 9.16.2000
TPOH - I'm An Adult Now.mp3 3.902.06.17 23:07:50The Pursuit of HappinessI'm An Adult Nowlive@the Diamond, Dec. 19, 19880:04:08128S44
TPOH - Tree Of Knowledge.mp3 3.402.05.22 11:37:31The Pursuit of HappinessTree of Knowledgelive@the Diamond, Dec. 19, 19880:03:34128S44
040701_cam.mp346.901.08.24 20:41:25cameron marlowlive @ the appliance of scienc2001unlockedgrooveapril 7, 20019pm-10pmlive @ the2:10:32 48S32
Loman_-_irrelevant_(live).mp3 4.401.10.22 18:12:57Lomanirrelevant [Live]2001Live @ the Brewery 08-23-010:04:36128S44
Cutout_Hero_-_It_s_not_Right.mp3 4.4Cutout HeroIt's not RightLive @ The New Roscoe0:04:41128S44
081801_neighbor.mp355.901.08.24 20:55:25nearest neighborlive @ the appliance of scienc2001unlockedgrooveaugust 18, 200110pm-11pmlive @ t0:58:19128S44
TPOH - Consciousness Raising As A So 2.403.03.09 20:03:21The Pursuit of HappinessConsciousness Raising As a Soclive @ the Wireless, 19900:02:36128S44

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