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Live Mardi Gras Club 6

03_-_Reward.mp3 1.502.02.24 07:59:35Meat PuppetsReward1981Live Mardi Gras Club (6-30-81)Trotsky0:01:36128S44
06_-_Saturday_Morning.mp3 1.902.02.24 08:06:11Meat PuppetsSaturday Morning1981Live Mardi Gras Club (6-30-81)Trotsky0:02:03128S44
05_-_Unpleasant.mp3 1.802.02.24 08:03:38Meat PuppetsUnpleasant1981Live Mardi Gras Club (6-30-81)Trotsky0:01:54128S44
18_-_I_Had_A_Dream.mp3 08:38:36Meat PuppetsI Had A Dream1981Live Mardi Gras Club (6-30-81)Trotsky0:02:14128S44
10_-_Teenagers.mp3 0.702.02.24 08:12:58Meat PuppetsTeenagers1981Live Mardi Gras Club (6-30-81)Trotsky0:00:46128S44
01_-_Intro_-_Reach_Out_(I'll_Be_Ther 3.502.02.24 07:54:34Meat PuppetsIntro - Reach Out (I'll Be The1981Live Mardi Gras Club (6-30-81)Trotsky0:03:40128S44
21_-_Submarine_Races.mp3 2.902.02.24 08:48:53Meat PuppetsSubmarine Races1981Live Mardi Gras Club (6-30-81)Trotsky0:03:04128S44
04_-_Melons_Rising.mp3 08:01:16Meat PuppetsMelons Rising1981Live Mardi Gras Club (6-30-81)Trotsky0:01:21128S44
13_-_Foreign_Lawns.mp3 0.802.02.24 08:20:32Meat PuppetsForeign Lawns1981Live Mardi Gras Club (6-30-81)Trotsky0:00:54128S44
17_-_Dolphin_Field.mp3 1.802.02.24 08:35:54Meat PuppetsDolphin Field1981Live Mardi Gras Club (6-30-81)Trotsky0:01:55128S44
16_-_Bad_Moon_Rising.mp3 3.302.02.24 08:33:34Meat PuppetsBad Moon Rising1981Live Mardi Gras Club (6-30-81)Trotsky0:03:29128S44
15_-_China_Cat_Sunflower.mp3 2.602.02.24 08:29:20Meat PuppetsChina Cat Sunflower1981Live Mardi Gras Club (6-30-81)Trotsky0:02:42128S44
12_-_Electromud.mp3 08:19:24Meat PuppetsElectromud1981Live Mardi Gras Club (6-30-81)Trotsky0:01:16128S44
14_-_Losing_End_(When_You're_On).mp3 4.302.02.24 08:26:04Meat PuppetsLosing End (When You're On)1981Live Mardi Gras Club (6-30-81)Trotsky0:04:31128S44
11_-_Standing_on_the_Verge_of_Gettin 3.702.02.24 08:17:51Meat PuppetsStanding On The Verge Of Getti1981Live Mardi Gras Club (6-30-81)Trotsky0:03:56128S44
02_-_H-Elenore.mp3 2.302.02.24 07:57:35Meat PuppetsH-Elenore1981Live Mardi Gras Club (6-30-81)Trotsky0:02:28128S44
19_-_Love_Offering.mp3 3.502.02.24 08:43:01Meat PuppetsLove Offering1981Live Mardi Gras Club (6-30-81)Trotsky0:03:39128S44
08_-_In_A_Car.mp3 1.702.02.24 08:10:01Meat PuppetsIn A Car1981Live Mardi Gras Club (6-30-81)Trotsky0:01:51128S44
20_-_Playing_Dead.mp3 1.602.02.24 08:45:09Meat PuppetsPlaying Dead1981Live Mardi Gras Club (6-30-81)Trotsky0:01:45128S44
07_-_The_Gold_Mine.mp3 08:07:42Meat PuppetsThe Gold Mine1981Live Mardi Gras Club (6-30-81)Trotsky0:01:13128S44
09_-_Out_In_The_Gardener.mp3 1.502.02.24 08:11:59Meat PuppetsOut In The Gardener1981Live Mardi Gras Club (6-30-81)Trotsky0:01:34128S44

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