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Live At The Coach

Boogie.mp3 1.801.09.09 12:14:40DeadlineBoogie Chile (2)0Live at the 'coach
Latch-dontboxmein.mp3 6.301.01.06 21:33:52Stan RidgwayDon't Box Me In2000live at The Coach House, 2000/120:04:26192S44
Latch-seekingavolunteer.mp3 3.501.01.06 21:34:52Stan Ridgway(Seeking A Volunteer)2000live at The Coach House, 2000/120:07:28 64S44
Latch-mamahadastove.mp3 21:34:00Stan RidgwayMama Had A Stove2000live at The Coach House, 2000/120:10:42 64S44
Latch-holidaycheer-angrytirade.mp3 1.401.01.06 21:35:00Stan Ridgway(Holiday Cheer - Angry Tirade)2000live at The Coach House, 2000/120:02:59 64S44
Latch-thebigheat.mp3 21:33:42Stan RidgwayThe Big Heat2000live at The Coach House, 2000/120:12:38 64S44
Latch-burninghairtoo.mp3 0.701.01.06 21:35:18Stan Ridgway(Burning Hair Too)2000live at The Coach House, 2000/120:01:28 64S44
Latch-bigdumbtown.mp3 21:33:44Stan RidgwayBig Dumb Town2000live at The Coach House, 2000/120:08:40 64S44
Latch-burninghair-jay.mp3 21:35:06Stan Ridgway(Burning Hair - Jay)2000live at The Coach House, 2000/120:04:16 64S44
Latch-ringoffire.mp3 7.601.01.06 21:33:56Stan RidgwayRing Of Fire2000live at The Coach House, 2000/120:15:58 64S44
Latch-valerieissleeping.mp3 21:33:48Stan RidgwayValerie Is Sleeping2000live at The Coach House, 2000/120:12:30 64S44
Latch-driveshesaid.mp3 21:34:00Stan RidgwayDrive She Said2000live at The Coach House, 2000/120:12:50 64S44
Latch-amissioninlife.mp3 9.401.01.06 21:34:02Stan RidgwayA Mission In Life2000live at The Coach House, 2000/120:19:37 64S44
Latch-lonelytown.mp3 5.501.01.06 21:33:54Stan RidgwayLonely Town2000live at The Coach House, 2000/120:11:38 64S44
Latch-missionbell.mp3 21:33:46Stan RidgwayMission Bell2000live at The Coach House, 2000/12
Latch-camouflage2001.mp3 21:33:56Stan RidgwayCamouflage (2001)2000live at The Coach House, 2000/12
Latch-bandintroductions.mp3 1.401.01.06 21:34:40Stan Ridgway(Band Introductions)2000live at The Coach House, 2000/120:03:01 64S44
Latch-manofstone.mp3 6.401.01.06 21:33:20Stan RidgwayMan Of Stone2000live at The Coach House, 2000/120:13:21 64S44
Latch-sixteentons.mp3 5.701.01.06 21:34:04Stan RidgwaySixteen Tons (Second Encore)2000live at The Coach House, 2000/120:03:58192S44
Latch-factory.mp3 6.301.01.06 21:33:40Stan RidgwayFactory2000live at The Coach House, 2000/120:06:37128S44
Latch-bigamericanproblem.mp311.101.01.06 21:34:04Stan RidgwayBig American Problem2000live at The Coach House, 2000/120:23:12 64S44
Latch-thepassenger2001.mp3 21:33:50Stan RidgwayThe Passenger (2001)2000live at The Coach House, 2000/120:12:41 64S44
Latch-bobthehappyswagman.mp3 1.301.01.06 21:35:12Stan Ridgway(Bob The Happy Swagman)2000live at The Coach House, 2000/120:02:47 64S44
Latch-downthecoasthighway.mp3 5.901.01.06 21:33:52Stan RidgwayDown The Coast Highway2000live at The Coach House, 2000/120:12:23 64S44
Latch-thelasthonestman.mp3 21:33:18Stan RidgwayThe Last Honest Man2000live at The Coach House, 2000/120:12:53 64S44
Latch-trainofthought.mp3 21:33:44Stan RidgwayTrain Of Thought2000live at The Coach House, 2000/120:10:58 64S44
Latch-requests-2001.mp3 1.301.01.06 21:35:22Stan Ridgway(Requests - 2001)2000live at The Coach House, 2000/120:02:50 64S44

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