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Live At Crosspoint 2002

Live At Crosspoint 2002~14~Old Cowbo 2.903.11.04 06:21:02Red Mountain RidersOld CowboyLive At Crosspoint 20020:03:03
Live At Crosspoint 2002~19~Rexs Swim 4.503.11.04 06:32:52Red Mountain RidersRex's Swimin' Hole By Gary WalLive At Crosspoint 20020:04:44
Live At Crosspoint 2002~04~Meet The 1.703.11.04 06:09:38Red Mountain RidersMeet The BandLive At Crosspoint 20020:01:46
Live At Crosspoint 2002~26~La Bamba 06:47:06Red Mountain RidersLa Bamba (Encore)Live At Crosspoint 20020:03:19
Live At Crosspoint 2002~08~Seagull P 06:14:08Red Mountain RidersSeagull Poaching By Kent FlakeLive At Crosspoint 20020:01:18
Live At Crosspoint 2002~09~Old Favor 0.803.11.04 06:14:40Red Mountain RidersOld FavoriteLive At Crosspoint 20020:00:51
Live At Crosspoint 2002~10~Tumblewee 2.803.11.04 06:16:22Red Mountain RidersTumbleweedsLive At Crosspoint 20020:02:54
Live At Crosspoint 2002~03~Boots And 2.503.11.04 06:08:33Red Mountain RidersBoots And SaddleLive At Crosspoint 20020:02:37
Live At Crosspoint 2002~17~Prairie S 1.503.11.04 06:26:27Red Mountain RidersPrairie SunLive At Crosspoint 20020:01:36
Live At Crosspoint 2002~20~Great Ame 3.903.11.04 06:36:14Red Mountain RidersGreat American CowboyLive At Crosspoint 20020:04:05
Live At Crosspoint 2002~25~Patriotic 4.703.11.04 06:44:31Red Mountain RidersPatriotic MedleyLive At Crosspoint 20020:04:57
Live At Crosspoint 2002~24~Patriotic 06:41:11Red Mountain RidersPatriotic Medley IntroductionLive At Crosspoint 20020:01:09
Live At Crosspoint 2002~16~Ghost Rid 2.703.11.04 06:25:20Red Mountain RidersGhost RidersLive At Crosspoint 20020:02:50
Live At Crosspoint 2002~02~Cowboy Ju 1.603.11.04 06:06:56Red Mountain RidersCowboy JubileeLive At Crosspoint 20020:01:44
Live At Crosspoint 2002~05~Old Paint 1.803.11.04 06:10:45Red Mountain RidersOld Paint MedleyLive At Crosspoint 20020:01:52
Live At Crosspoint 2002~22~Yukon Sta 06:38:46Red Mountain RidersYukon StarsLive At Crosspoint 20020:03:21
Live At Crosspoint 2002~15~Requests. 3.603.11.04 06:23:32Red Mountain RidersRequestsLive At Crosspoint 20020:03:48
Live At Crosspoint 2002~18~Cool Wate 06:29:22Red Mountain RidersCool WaterLive At Crosspoint 20020:04:22
Live At Crosspoint 2002~13~Old Cowbo 0.603.11.04 06:18:50Red Mountain RidersOld Cowboy IntroductionLive At Crosspoint 20020:00:39
Live At Crosspoint 2002~23~My Arizon 2.303.11.04 06:40:29Red Mountain RidersMy ArizonaLive At Crosspoint 20020:02:27
Live At Crosspoint 2002~11~Knots In 06:18:14Red Mountain RidersKnots In The Devil's TailLive At Crosspoint 20020:03:18
Live At Crosspoint 2002~06~Red River 1.703.11.04 06:11:53Red Mountain RidersRed RiverLive At Crosspoint 20020:01:48
Live At Crosspoint 2002~07~Home On T 2.403.11.04 06:13:22Red Mountain RidersHome On The RangeLive At Crosspoint 20020:02:34

Woo Hoo 
Wool Comes From Wasps 
Woolie T 
Wool Pray For Rain 
When A 
When A Child 
When A Child Is Born 
When All 
When All Else Fails 
When A Man 
When A Man Loves 
When A Man Loves A 
When A Man Loves A Woman 
When Angels Cry 
When A Woman 
When Bears 
When Bears Attack 
When Darkness 
When Darkness Falls 
When Did 
When Did You Leave Heaven 
When Do 
When Doves 
When Doves Cry 
Whenever We Re 
Whenever Whenever 
Whenever Whereever 
Whenever Wherever 
Whenever You 
When Eyes Meet 
When God 
When God Is Near 
When God Says 
When Good 
When He 
When I 
When I Am 
When I Am Lying Down 
When I Can 
When I Close My Eyes 
When I Come 
When I Come Around 
When I Cry 
When I Die 
When I Dream 
When I Dream At Night 
When I Fall 
When I Fall In 
When I Fall In Love 
When I Get 
When I Get Home 
When I Get There 
When I Get To Heaven 
When I Get You Alone 
When I Go 
When I Grow 
When I Grow Up 
When I Hear My Name 
When I Kissed The Teacher 
When I Leave 
When I Look 
When I Look At The World 
When I Look Into Your Eyes 
When I Look Into Your Holiness 
When I Look To The Sky 
When Im 
When I M 
When Im 64 
When I M 64 
When I M Dead And Gone 
When Im Gone 
When I M Gone 
When I M Sixty 
When I M Sixty Four 
When I M With 
When Im With You 
When I M With You 
When In 
When I Need